Nescafe Ambassador is an ideal coffee subscription package for your office. Join the exclusive Nescafe Ambassador Subscription to receives free Nescafe Dolce Gusto coffee machine, exciting rewards, special capsule discount and birthday gift. Transform your office with freshly brewed cafe menus that helps save time and bring colleagues closer together over a great cup of coffee.
Your colleagues can chip in for the cost of capsules starting at just 16 Baht per cup by putting money into piggy bank provided and the funds collected by the Ambassador will be used for the next capsule order.

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Become an Ambassador

  • Ambassador Privilege

    Ambassador Privilege

    Enjoy NESCAFÉ Ambassador privileges. Get 5% off for NESCAFE Dolce Gusto Capsules, Get a free Machine & Ambassador Kit and free Rewards.
  • Choose your café menu

    Choose your café menu

    Enjoy more than 15 café menus. There’s something for everyone.
  • Free Delivery

    Free Delivery

    Get coffee conveniently delivered to your office for free.

Why NESCAFÉ Ambassador?

NESCAFÉ Ambassador is a unique program that bring smiles to your offices with hassle-free coffee subscription service with exciting rewards.

NESCAFÉ Ambassador Benefits



Minimum Capsules Order
*prices before discount per each package

From 4 boxes
per month

Minimum Commitment Period

12 months

Benefits in 1st year

Mini me Machine
(price 4,490.-)
5% Discount on capsules price

Benefits in 2nd year onward

10% Discount on capsule price

Special Benefits since 1st year onward

4 x Surprise Gift in 1 Year

Free Delivery Nationwide


2-year Warranty Guarantee


2-year Free Pick-up Maintenance and Delivery, with Spare Machine


Can change capsule menus 14 days before next credit card charge round


Can suspend subscription for a month for (times/year)


Penalty Fee in case of early cancellation (THB)