Latte Macchiato

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Latte Macchiato

Steamed frothy milk, slightly sweetened, with a layer of smooth, full-bodied espresso.


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Number of Servings 8 Cups

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Effectively an upside-down caffè latte, the Latte Macchiato literally means 'stained milk'. Tall, hot and frothy, the Latte Macchiato is finished off with a delicious dot of crema atop its froth, which is also known as the ‘macchia‘.
Ingredients & Nutrition
NUTRITIONAL INFORMATIONUnitper 100g*per serving 00g**
Energy kJ 1785 373
Energy kcal 428 89
Energy (exclude fiber) kJ 1702 371
Energy (exclude fiber) kcal 407 89
Protein g 19.5 4.3
Total Fat g 21.9 4.3
  Monounsaturated Fatty Acids  g 4.1 0.9
  Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids g 2.4 0.1
  Saturated Fatty Acids g 12.8 2.6
  Trans Fatty Acids g 0.1 0
Cholesterol mg 87 21
Available Carbohydrates g 32.8 8
Sugars g 32.8 8
Deitary Fiber g 10.4 0.3
Sodium mg 171 44

White capsule:

Whole milk powder, sugar (10%), emulsifier (soya lecithin).

Black capsule:

Roast & Ground coffee

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